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DIY drywall for our tiny shipping CONTAINER HOUSE [taping+mudding+painting] #085

What a hectic week!! This week we need to prepare everything for next week’s surprise. We are moving from the apartment we are living since April (Duca’s aunt apartment) and we have a good reason for that. So this week we started painting the walls on Friday (that means we had more than a week to finish the painting). As we plan to have all the walls painted until the end of the week we need to start with the paints as soon as possible because we always need to wait for some hours and even days to cure the paint. First step was to mud the walls to cover the screws and the joints between sheets of drywall. For the joints we used a paper tape with mud and we needed to wait for 1 day to apply the second coat of mud, then another day to apply the third coat. Next day we applied a waterproof liquid and we needed to wait for 3 days for it to cure. 3 days later we started to paint the final paint, a white acrylic water based paint. We decided to give 4 coats of paint, as the green sheet of drywall is not that easy to cover the color. We need to wait at least 4 hours in between coats, so we spent 2 days just painting the final color. It’s incredible how a wall painted with a white paint makes a huge difference in an ambient. The house seems enormous with the walls painted in white.