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DIY Platform Storage Bed - Episode 065

How cool is to build your own bed? I always like the idea of building things and to do things using my hand. When I was a child I used to sew bed sheets, towels and other things. Also my dad used to give me some old papers from his workplace and I used to cut and glue and transform the papers into a format of objects that I knew by that time, like sandals, furniture for my doll’s house, among other things. It’s so cool to be possible to build a real object now, an entire house!! I’m so glad we are having this opportunity of taking our time to build our house. Duca is also a person that likes to do things with his hand and he always like documentaries. When I met him (2006) he was going for a trip to film a documentary and I decided to go with him as a photographer (as I always like photography) and since then his dream of living producing documentaries has never died. Now it was about time to put all our passions together and start our currently project of documenting the building of us building our own Tiny Shipping Container House!!

This week we started building our bed platform!! Yep!! We are getting our bedroom ready!! We thought we would finish the bed platform in one week, but the plywood that we bought to use as a top for the platform didn’t arrive on time for this week. So, we decided to finish assembling the woods for the base and next week we are gonna paint inside the boxes of the bed and to build the top. We need to build some lids for the storage we are gonna have underneath the bed and to paint it.

It’s sooo cool to see the first room of our house gaining shape!! It’s so cool to look back and see how much we have learned this past year and how much we have accomplished together. The furniture was something that since the beginning we didn’t know if we could active the precision we need to build a piece of furniture and now we have almost one entire room done, all by ourselves and with no prior experience. It’s incredible!