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DIY Plywood Bathtub 🛁 Part 4 LTP #072

This week we decided to fix some spots on our bathtub and to paint it with the final color. We thought it would be quick and we decided to start thinking about the pipes for the plumbing. We thought about a plumbing project and we bought some pipes and connections and we started to cut a piece of the container floor to start installing the pipes. End the end of the week we noticed that we didn’t do much about the pipes and in the end we had spent another week just working on the bathtub. Yep, we needed to apply a little bit more of filler into some spots (we waited 24 hours for it to dry), we sanded the bathtub once again, we applied 2 coats of primer, waited for 24 hours, we applied automotive acrylic filler in some tiny holes, sanded the whole bathtub again, applied a third coat of primer (this time using a black pigment with the paint to have a gray primer and to know where we had applied it), sanded it again and then we applied 3 coats of the final color. We decided to paint the bathtub with dark grey! We loved the way it looked!!!

In the end we were afraid of start cutting and installing the pipes and to get some dust on the paints while the bathtub was drying the paints. We decided to tackle the pipes next week.

Some people asked us if it wouldn’t be better just to have bought a ready bathtub, but it wouldn’t be this much fun just to install a bathtub in place. This project is a laboratory to try whatever we want and we really want to try to build our own bathtub, with the size we want, the color we want and the best part: to look at this every single day when we move in and to think that we made it!! Yep! We made a whole bathtub by ourselves!! We are really proud of ourselves!