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DIY Plywood Ceiling Panels Living Tiny Project - Episode 037

What to say about our ceiling? We are in love with that! It’s so cool to see on place a part of the house that we have imagined for so long. It looks exactly how we have imagined!!

Well, this time it wasn’t possible to do this just by ourselves. We needed to have the help of 2 friends (Fao and Dedé). They are really good friends of ours. When Duca was a teeneger he used to practice gymnastic and Fao and Dedé were in the same team as he was. Nowadays we use to meeting them to play some board games and for some eating.

Back to the ceiling! We are amazed with the result we got!! It’s so cool to see the evolution on the learning process we have when we do a new task. The first panel was really hard to build, we didn’t know how to use contact glue, how to glue the laminated on place, how to cut it and so on. When we got to the last panel it was sooooo much easier and quicker to assemble all the pieces together. It’s incredible how fast we can learn now abilities!

Without our friends it would be impossible to lift up because the ceiling panels ended up being really heavy. It was a funny afternoon because we always have fun with friends, so it didn’t seem to be a working day. Everyday should be like this! Is so nice when we have people working with us! Not that we don’t have fun everyday on the building, but having different friends with us is always good!