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DIY Plywood Furniture - Episode 060

We thought this week we would have time enough to finish building and editing the video with calm, but as usual it didn’t happen. Last week we cut some wood to start building the module number 2 of our wardrobe and on Sunday we even cut the laminated we would need to start assembling the wardrobe. But we always take more time to accomplish one task than we plan. We were not counting with the bad weather that we always have in our city in the beginning of the summer. These last days had rained a lot in the end of the day and there are too many thunders and we can’t work inside of our shipping container as it’s still not grounded. We also forgot to count that it’s end of the year and we have a lot of compromises with families and friends. Of course we like to meet them, but it take us a lot of time that we could be working. In the end we got it!!! We managed to finish the top part of our wardrobe. It’s really cute, stable and really heavy!