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DIY Plywood Shower Cabin 🛁 for our Shipping Container House #083

This was a week of painting! It was not that easy. We painted our shower stall that we have been building for the past month. Even though we have been working with painting for more than a year now that’s not that an easy job. It’s always something that we get nervous. First we decided to paint using the compressor. We painted it on Sunday and the paint store wasn’t open to speak with the salesman to ask about the dilution.  We though the paint was bad, dripping paint and leaving marks because of the dilution we made. We used 25% of thinner as the can of the paint said that we should use from 20 to 30. It was a terrible paint. On the other day, Monday, we went to the store and the guy said we could use 10% of thinner. We decided to use roller to paint the last layer and it was good because we could paint the holes that the compressor left on the panels, but on the other hand it left a lot of hairs and some bubbles. We sanded it and tried to paint the last layer with the compressor. It seemed like the compressor was clogged and we decided to stop working and went to the store that we bought the compressor and they said it was clogged for sure. We bought some new parts for the gun and the guy from the store changed the pieces and cleaned other parts. Back to work: the gun of the compressor actually worked really welllll!! So, we think the problem on the painting of the panels in the beginning was the gun and not the dilution with thinner!

To sum up: we managed to finished painting and we installed the panels in place!!! We decided to use black polyurethane on the corners to protect well the cabin and to give a durable and good looking finishing with the back contrasting with the white panels. As usual we are in love with our work!!!