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DIY Table Saw Stand - Living Tiny Project  Episode 027

This week Duca stayed working by himself for the whole week. So, he needed to work on his project, take decisions by himself, film, edit, eat alone (think about what and where to eat) and so on.

Where was I? I was meeting my new niece and helping my sister on her new journey. My sister has a 3 years old son (Luís Guilherme - AKA Gui) and new she had a daughter called Marina. I was soooo excited to live this moment with my family. I was with her for 3 days in a row in the maternity hospital. My sister is 3 years older than me and we are really good friends. My mother was there in São Paulo (the city where my sister lives) as well helping my brother in law to take care of Gui while we were in the maternity hospital. It was an amazing week, full of love. It was so lovely to see my nephew seeing his sister for the first time, he was so excited, nervous and full of love. What an amazing time we spent together.

Meanwhile Duca was working on something. He decided that wasn’t fair to build the house without me as the house is OUR project. He decided to build something that we have been wanting to build for a while, a table saw stand. So this week he built by himself a table saw stand that actually has been using a lot to do other things on the building: storing screws on the bottom, cutting some pieces using angle grinder and other tools, using as a table, as a bench, among other uses.

It ended up been a good, usable, helpful table!!