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Does the insulation works? Living Tiny Project - Episode 036

This week we installed the 3TC (our insulation made out of aluminum foil with EPS core) on the walls of the west part of our Tiny Shipping Container House and we also answers some questions people have been asking us about the insulation.

As we found out about the insulation after we had the framing done so it was a little bit tricky to install. We decided to install this behind the framing system and it wasn’t that quick to install. But it was easy actually.

We are really happy with the result we got! The weather this week was almost 30 degrees Celsius and the insulation did a good work insulation the house from the heat. The other day the cold front came and it was cold (around 13 degrees Celsius) and the insulation worked fine as well. The house is keeping the environment with a good temperature.

So, let’s go to the answers of the questions.

Answer number 1: Yes, it works fine for our weather.

Answer number 2: We paid around 3.85 US dollars for square meter of insulation

Answer number 3: If you are in Brazil you can look for 3TC here: If you are in another country you can find it googleling for aluminum foil insulation EPS core. You can also find it with another cores for instance fiberglass, double bubble, among others.

We are really happy with the solution we are using!!

Next step is to put the ceiling panels on place!

See you guys next week!

Cheers!! Roberta