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Exploring Khao Sok!!

We were really curious to know this place that is one of the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world and more diverse than the Amazon forest, that is part of Brazil.

It was also hard to get there. Of course, we were in Thailand travelling in a tight budget. So, every movement from one city to the other was difficult. When you buy a ticket in a travel agency you buy from point A to B, but there are always more than one transport, that can be a bus, ferry, tuk tuk, and other means of transportation, even a ride on a motorbike. Actually the bus left us 1 kilometer far from the hotel we had booked and we were walking in the rain until there. In the middle of the way we were stopped by a laddie (Ying Rakpa) from a travel agency and she called to our hotel, then 2 girls from the hotel came with motorbikes to give us a ride. Later on, we walked to her agency to buy the day trip for the next day as a thanks.

Khao Sok is a really humid place, as it's in the middle of the rainforest and rains a lot, mainly in this season. So, we took a day to relax and walk around. Actually, the city doesn't have to much to do, just few restaurants and minimarkets and some of them were closed, it seems to be a ghost town this season.

The options for the next day were: go down the river on the top of a tractor tire, go to see elephants and give them a mud shower, full day tour to cheow lan lake, overnight tour to cheow lan lake, canoe tour, Thai massage, cook experience, half day hike, full day hike, night safari, overnight jungle camping, among other things.

We chose to go with the full day tour. It was a nice tour and the day was sunny most of the time. A van got us in our hotel and stopped in the way at some markets. I was worried about the trail that we would to walk through and I bought a cheap rubber sneaker, just in case. The day trip is through the Cheow Lan Lake, that was formed by dam that was built in 1982. Almost in the end of the tour started raining, and it was terrible, seemed like the minutes didn't pass. We were on a small wood boat catching all the rain.

Even with the rain it was a nice place to know. The nature there is beatiful. When we travel we always try to go to a free tour, if it’s not possible we try to consider the best option, even if it’s not the cheapest one. We try to choose one that represent the place we are visiting, thinking about the possibility of not going to the same place more than once in our lives. I think, this time, we chose the correct one.