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Exploring Koh Tao!!

After a long journey we arrived in Koh Tao. We had the idea of going from Bangkok to Koh Tao by bus, instead of airplane, to see how is the interior of Thailand. In the end we spent 6 hours in the bus, plus 5 hours waiting for the ferry, that took another 3 hours to arrive at the island. In total we slept just 2 hours and we were really tired, and actually, as it was dark, there was not much to see.

We spent 3 days at Koh Tao. Our hotel room was in the middle of a construction, they even needed to stop building for us to go out of the room. Even though we liked our small space. Koh Tao is a nice place. Seems like you are in some beaches in Brazil, with some good places to eat a good food, some little stores, small streets… Actually the island is small and if you rent a motorbike you can go around really easy. As we had heard about people trying to fool you (they can say you have hit the motorbike and they need to fix and you need to pay more for them, and also, they stay with your passport while you have their motorbike, what we don’t like) we didn’t rent one and we didn’t know much about the other parts of the island, just the ones we could walk to.

We didn't know but this place is known as one of the cheapest places in the world where you can get a dive certificate. Most of the people we met in the way was going there to have one. Other people was there to stay in a Muay Thai Retreat. As we were traveling on a tight budget, those things weren't on our budget. But, it was possible to go for a snorkeling and go for a walk, things that we love to do! The snorkeling was cool, we went to 2 different places around the island in the same boat the people who went scuba dive. We saw many different fishes, even the moray, drank some coffee and eat some pineapple. It was in this island that we ate the spiciest food of our lives!! We needed the whole afternoon to try to feel better, even to take a cold shower, our bodies were pretty hot. But, at the same time, it was one of the best meals we ever tasted. Green and Red curry soup. We thought it was too cheap and 1 dish would be too little for us 2. So, we ordered 2 soups and 1 rice. But, it was too much food and too spicy, but it was really tasty. So, we ate at this same place almost every meal.  

Koh Tao was a good place to stay. After all, we needed a little bit more time to relax, hahaha. We have being relaxing for the past few weeks, but it was a different kind of relax, in a different place, different beach, different food, different views.