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Framing a Shipping Container House - Living Tiny Project Episode 028 Part 1

I guess I wasn’t that helpful this week because I caught a flu and it was really hard for me to work (runny nose, heavy head, feeling weak…). But, in the end, we ended up having a progress.

Even though we spent many hours of the week thinking instead of actually working with our hands we did a progress.

We are soooo excited to finally start working in the interior of our house!! We started framing our shipping container house!

Well, before we started installing the frame we had a long way to go. We first needed to decide if we would leave any wall without insulation. We decided not to have any way without insulation because we are afraid the heat and cold could spread from the wall we didn't insulate to the rest of the house. So, we decided to insulate all the house. Next… we needed to decide whether to use wood or metal insulation. For months we thought about using wood framing. But we changed our minds after working on the wooden deck for sooo long. We noticed that at least in Brazil the wood works a lot. It’s really hard to keep it straight and it became a problem for us: how could we have straight walls using wooden frame if it’s pretty hard to find a wood that isn’t warp? So, we decided to use metal frame instead.

I think it was a good decision, after all the metal doesn’t attract bugs, it’s straight, lighter, cleaner to install, isn't’ alive so doesn't work, already has space to pass the wires through and even cheaper than the wood.

Wow!! It’s soooo quick to install!! We screwed the frames in some spots and other we just put on place with no screws because we have another decisions to make before doing that: which insulation to use (pet, rock or glass wool?) and what kind of finishing we are going to use (plywood or gypsum plasterboard?)

I think we are going to use plywood and if so we need to rethink about the spaces we left between the studs we have installed. Usually people install them every 60 centimeters due to the measurements of the gypsum plasterboard (usually are 1,2 x 2,4 meters) and the dimensions of the insulation (60 centimeters large). But the plywood measure 2,2 x 1,6m, so we need to rethink about the distance between the studs and how to do the finishings for the wall.

It seems like the decisions are endless. We are really excited to start this part of the house. It’s like a new chapter of our documentary about our house construction!