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Future+Present+Money [NOT CLICKBAIT!! We open up about everything!!]#076

We decided to answer the most asked questions this week! This week we were out of town because we were selected to participate of a creators boost program. We were sooo excited with this. Next week we will tell you all about our week.

Going back to the Q&A. Let’s go.

Where we are building? We are building our house in Duca’s dad land in a city called Florianópolis, in southern Brazil. We are both borned in this same town. Duca’s dad own this land for almost 30 years and he allowed us to use a piece of it.

Are we planning to use solar panels? We checked the price of using it for heating our water, but as we need to have a high pressured system the price is like 3 times the price of having a gas heater system. So, we are gonna use gas.

Are we gonna be off grid? No, just for the water system, the rest we are gonna connect to the city grid that is 5 meters from our house.

Aren’t the pipes gonna freeze as they are close to the surface? No, as we said before we lived in southern Brazil and the temperature here is mild, usually around 15ºC (winter) to 35ºC (summer). There is no chance of freezing the pipes.

How is the insulation holding on? It’s pretty good. We really liked the choice we made.

Is the other green shipping container yours too? No, it’s Duca’s dad storage place (for tools, papers, food for the dogs…). We also use it to storage our tools as we don’t have much space.

How you are gonna fit kids into this house? We have some plans for that. We won’t be adding an extra shipping container, the idea is to build a bunk bed on the top of the office table.

Why a shipping container? We always love tiny houses and we wanted to have a place to live here in Brazil where we didn’t have to pay rent and that we could live for some part of the year and we could travel and it would be there with our things (now we have things in my parents house and Duca’s mom, it’s all spread, sometimes we don’t even know where something is). Duca always wanted to learn how to weld because of our next project. And that leads to our next question.

What is the next project? The idea is to rebuild an old metal sailboat and for that Duca wanted to learn how to weld. So, we decided to build a tiny house out of a shipping container. Yep. The next project is to rebuild an old sailboat and then, the project after this one is to live on this sailboat traveling around the world.

How do we make money? 60% of our earnings come from youtube ads and 40% of it comes from people who wants to help us thought a platform called Patreon. Check our account ( You might be interested in helping us to keep living our dreams as well.

There are more answers for other questions on the video. We also did a tour around the land and showed the chicken spot, the garden and other places. So, you can check it out!! It was a good video to film because we are always happy to talk about our personal life. Our dream is already reality.