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Getting ready for insulating our Shipping Container - Living Tiny Project -  Episode 029

Before we have the inside walls finished we needed to do something on the exterior of the shipping container. Since the beginning of the building we had the idea of building a wooden brise on the exterior of our house in some places as a way of insulating the house, keeping the sun away from the plate of the container.

We took 2 days to decide the design of the wooden brise solei and of the canopy we are going to have on the entrance door and the little roof that we are going to have on the deck in front of the sliding doors (a porch area). We needed to decide which materials to use, size, location and everything. We are planning on having a green roof on the top of the porch area, but we still need to decide how we are going to do that. After deciding all of this this week we cut, grind, weld, grind and painted a lot!! It was necessary an entire day to prepare the brackets to weld and 3 days to finish the weldings. There was a lot of wind on the first 2 days and it was hard to weld it. Oh! I forgot to mention, we are just finishing the exterior of the west container, then we still need to weld something to hold the green wall we are planning for the east container.

We won't gonna do the brise solei and the canopy and green roof right now, but as the weld could burn the insulation inside we needed to do all the welds before finishing the interior. So, we prepared the brackets but we didn’t decide exactly how the canopy, green roof and the brise solei are gonna be. We are planning to do this part after moving in to finish the interior to move in as soon as possible.

We are really anxious to start having walls and to start making the furniture!!