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How much did cost to build our shipping container house! Living Tiny Project - Episode 053

This week we decided to up to date you guys about the costs of building our tiny shipping container house. So we recorded a part II video about the costs we have been having so far in this 1 year of the building. We are gonna give you the prices in American Dollars because we think it’s the easiest currency to convert to others.

Until March, the month that we posted the first part of our costs we have spent. On the video we talk in details about each one of the costs:

$444 footings

$3230 Shipping Container

$790 Cutting and Welding

$2215 Doors and Windows

$295 Painting

$2430 Wooden deck + roof + gutter

$523 Miscellaneous

Total: $9927


On this second part we detail how much we spent in each step of the building since March of 2018 until now (November).


Wall Framing $290.81 

$219.46 -> 15 tracks + 58 studs

$8.92 -> 400 screws

$62.43 -> window wooden frame (Cambara)

                  12 pieces of (3 meters x 2cm x 7cm) (10 ft x ¾” x 3”)


Insulation $411.16

$361.90 -> 94m2 (1011sq ft) Aluminum foil with EPS core

$5.88 -> 250 meters (820ft) of Aluminum Tape

$43.38 -> 6 cans of spray foam


Ceiling $859.65

$148.7 -> 6 sheets of plywood (12mm x 2.2mx1.6m) (½” x 5.25ft x 7.2ft)  

$129.73 -> 32 units of pressure treated pine (3m x 4cm x 7cm) (10ft x 1 ½” x 2 ¾”)

$338.73 -> 10 sheets of laminated (3.08m x 1.25m) (10.1ft x 4.1ft)

$108.11 -> 12 beams made out of pressure treated pine (3m x 5cm x 10cm) (10ft x 2” x 4”)

$11,85 -> 300 screws

$115.97 -> 14kg (31lb) of contact glue

$7.41 -> 340g (12oz) of spray contact glue


Walls $480.69

$465.82 -> 13 sheets of plywood (12mm x 2.5m x 1.6m) (½” x 8.2ft x 5.25ft)

$8.11 -> 700 screws

$6.76 -> scrap MDF for template


Electrical $70.85

$21.62 -> 100m (328ft) of ¾’’ Conduits

$2.05 -> 10 conduits connectors

$7.05 -> 9 electrical small boxes (2cm x 4cm) (0.8” x 1.6”)

$6.62 -> 1 electrical big box (17.3cm x 18.6cm x 7.9cm) (6.8” x 7.3” x 3.1”)

$32.70 -> external light

$1.17 -> 6 meters (20ft) of wiring for external light (1,5mm) (1/16”)


Green Wall $25.10

$25.10 -> 6 meters (20ft) reinforcement rebars ¼”


Canopy $195.35

We have talked about the cost of the canopy in detail some episodes ago


Painting $136.87

$11.85 -> 4 liters (1 gallon) of thinner

$25.68 -> 1.8 liters (½ gallon)  of synthetic enamel

$59.46 -> 18liters (5 gallons)  of undercoating

$40.22 -> 3.6 liters (1 gallon) of stain

$9.66 -> 600ml (20 ounces) of black matte vinyl


Cutting and Welding $121.08

$35.13 -> 5kg (11lb) of MIG weld wiring

$59.46 -> 2 bottles of gas (75%Ar 25%CO2) for MIG weld

$15.47 -> 9 flap discs

$11.02 -> 11 cutting discs


Working bench $90.66

4 tables and 3 shelves


Miscellaneous $532.97

Brushes, rollers, gloves, boots, pants, pens, tapes, batteries for the microphone…

Total Part 2: $3,128.19


Total Part 1: $9,927 +$313 wooden deck that we finished after we posted the first COST Video

Total of the building: $13,368.19

We are not considering labour because we have been working by ourselves, we didn't hire anyone to do anything on the building. We aren't considering also the price of the land, as it has been in Duca's family for almost 30 years and we also don't think it's fare to considere the price of the land into to cost as it changes from one place to the other. We actually didn't pay anything for the land because Duca's dad allowed as to use a part of his land to build our house. Other thing is... I don't think it's fare to include the prices of equipments on the building, as we can sell the tools after it's ready, but we can considere them on the price of the build just for you to know how much we have spent in the whole building so far.

We bought all the tools we are using on the building because before we started this project we didn't have any tool. So, if you considere the tools ($5,492.85) on the building the total cost of building our tiny shipping container house until now is... 

Total with equipments: $18,862.04

You might be considering the cost a little bit expensive for a container house, right? But the thing is… we choose to build a house using just a 40ft shipping container and in this way we could build the house using the materials we would like to use, without taking in consideration just the price, but also the quality of the finishing we would like to have. And also, as we said before, this building is a sort of laboratory to us, so we are learning how to use some tools and materials and we experimenting as many possibilities we could try. It has been an amazing experience so far!! The possibility to share all this experience with others is incredible! We have been learning so much throughout this journey!!!