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How to avoid CONDENSATION on a Shipping Container - Living Tiny Project - Episode 033

We started this week finishing the panels for the ceiling. The idea of this episode was to install the panels on place but after we posted the first part of the panels a lot of people commented that they are worried with condensation, that we show do something to avoid condensation on our house. We thought it would be ok to stick with our plan until our friend sent us a picture of some containers he has on the same city as we have ours. He had a lot of condensation this week!! We got worried about that and we spent 2 days just searching for solutions to do not have any condensation inside our ceiling and walls.

So we have been searching for any solution that could be possible for us. We don’t have that many materiais that people suggested for us here where we live in Brazil, so we needed to find another solution.

We contacted on of our subscribers on a google hangout (that's like a Skype, a plataform that you can talk to the person) and Duca had an almost 3 hours of brainstorm with Robert (from Canada) about possible solutions for our case. On the next post we are going to tell you the solutions we got for that.

This week we also tried to cut the EPS with a big knife that we heat it up in a fireplace. It worked, but we took almost one hour to cut just one piece of EPS and we still have a lot more to cut.

We decided to go in the center of the city to buy some material to build a hot wire to try to cut the EPS. The result was that we spent one entire day trying to cut a single piece of EPS. On the first attempt of cutting with the hot wire wasn’t hot enough. Then we trying to get it hotter but the wire got on fire and we needed to go to the center of the city one more time to buy another cable to try to use the equipment one more time. The other day we tried again and in the end our transformer burned and we finished cutting the parts we needed with a hand saw.

After all that we decided to do a theoretical episode about condensation this week and next week we will go back to the building of our house.