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How to build a wall in a Shipping Container House - Episode 004

Well, as we asked the company to cut our shipping container in half to transport it the southern wall of our house was opened. We decided to use part of the wall that we have cut in between both containers to build a new wall in this part of the house.

So, the first step of the building of our Shipping Container Wall was to decide how was gonna be the size of the window that we would have on this wall and how high it was gonna be from the floor. In order to decide that we needed to know how the furniture was gonna be on the dining area. With this decision made it was time to start the building itself. We were sooo excited to finally start building our house!!

First task was to cut 2 bars to weld horizontally on the columns to make a frame to hold the window on place. As it was the beginning of the building we still didn’t know how to use properly the equipments, we were still learning all about the process of building. Actually, I didn’t said before, but most of the times we work in more than one episode at the same time. By this time we were working at the same time on the inside column, the one that we welded to turn the shipping container more stable on the part that we had cut, and on the frame for the dining window. So, we spent a whole day preparing the pieces to weld. Therefore, the next task was the first welding of the whole building!! Duca was soooo excited and nervous to finally weld!!!

It was a little bit hard to weld because we still didn’t know how to use the welding machine really well and the weather didn’t collaborate with us. It was too windy or raining that week and it was hard to finish the welding. We still didn't know exactly what to do with the paintings. What should we apply after welding? We put some zinc chromate to protect the weld. It’s a really good product but it’s really expensive! Nowadays we know that we just need to apply a primer on the same day, otherwise it’s gonna get rust, and then to paint with the final painting on the next day, preferably using the compressor to paint it. The good part about painting with compressor is that the layers becomes thinner than if you paint with a brush or roller and because of this it dries really fast and you can apply the next coat 20 minutes after you apply the first coat. If you paint using brush or roller the layers need to be after 4 hours later. So, thing gets faster with the compressor and that's really good.

Today is 09th March 2018 and this is the most viewed video on our Youtube channel! By now we have exactly 85692 views and we have 6396 subscribers! This is amazing! We started the second season of our channel on 6th November 2017 and we are sooo excited with the return we are having! It’s amazing that people from all over the world watch our videos!! In this video there are comments from people from Brazil, Portugal, United States, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Philippines and other places. It’s incredible how far the internet can spread our work. We have no words to describe how happy we are with our decision of building our Tiny Shipping Container House and documenting this!!!