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How to frame a Shipping Container - Living Tiny Project - Episode 030 - Part 2

To be honest every new week is a fresh new start for us and it’s usually hard to get used to the new task. We need to think a lot more about solutions and to take a lot of decisions. This week was raining most of parts of the days and it was difficult to think about what to do on the building. Sunday was one of these days. We had a lovely visit on Sunday, Juliano and Sonya were here again (the couple that helped us to paint the woods for the deck) and they were willing to help us, but we were a the transition between tasks. In our city most of the stores we buy products for the building don’t open on Sundays, so we always need to to plan what we’re gonna need and buy it during weekdays. Sometimes we forget something and that can cost us a whole day of working.

Well, this Sunday we didn’t have much to do. We needed to cut the woods to start the framing for the windows, but the grass was really wet and we didn’t want to cut inside the shipping container because of that the saw generates a lot of dust when we cut the wood. The day before this Sunday we tried to buy some products to build a dust collector, but we didn’t find a bucket and a hose that we would need for that. Here in Brazil they don’t sell a dust collector for the saws that we can find in other countries. So we need to fabricate on by ourselves. The solution we found to do something on this Sunday was to start changing the screws of the top deck for stainless steel. It was a mess. We still don’t know how to solve the problem of the old screws we used (bichromatized) with glue. The new ones that we are using are a little bit larger than the old ones and most of the ones we screwed on place broke in the middle. We exchange one entire line of the deck and the rain came back. So, we decided to go out to grab some coffee and chat a little bit.

The rest of the week the rain decided to take a break and it was possible to continue installing the frames around the windows and doors. To sum up, this week was about cutting metal studs to frame the house and cutting wood to frame the windows and doors. We also prepared and welded around 40 brackets on the inside walls to screw the studs on that to turn the studs more stable. But we are gonna leave this part of the welding for the next week’s video because it makes more sense to us to put all the fixing on the same chapter of our youtube serie.

I think that’s it for this week.

See you!