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How to frame a Shipping Container - Living Tiny Project - Episode 031 Part 3

We actually thought that we would have content for 2 episodes in a roll but it didn’t happen this time.

This week was a light week of work for us. What I mean by that is that the tasks of the week were kind of easy to execute, but even though they needed time to accomplish them. We cut the studs to put on the top and bottom of the windows. We sanded the woods with 3 different grains of sand paper (80, 120 and 320) and painted. After that they were ready to be install them.

We had already welded some brackets on the wall last week to support the studs in some places. So now… it was time to assemble together this big puzzle: wood framing, metal studs, brackets and pieces of wood that we put inside the studs in order to keep the studs away from the metal of the brackets. It was really nice to see the house gaining form and to see the woods on place. It’s amazing to see how many task we can execute by ourselves that we’ve never imagined we would do it one day: the framing for instance.

But then we found a problem that slowed us down. This was a tough week for our country. The whole country uses trucks as a way to distribute goods and this week the truck drivers went on strike for the whole week. As a result the gas stations have no gas to full the cars, some foods are already been missing on the markets (like rice, meat, sugar, eggs, toilet paper…) , animals are dying due to the lack of food, stores aren’t receiving neither delivering materiais, and so on. We are lucky we still have gas to go to the building place, but we are not going to the building site every day to save some gas. We still have half of our tank full and we still have Duca aunt’s car with a full tank to use. But we still need to think about the topic we are gonna talk about next week because the stores don’t have fuel to delivery the materials we need for the building.

So, we still don’t know what to talk about next week. But we will find something to talk about. Hopefully the country go back to normal and we have material to continue the building.