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How to make DRAWERS - Our first COLLAB (Odd Life + Stopa Lab) LTP EP #081

What a hectic week!! We drove to Guarujá (a beach in the cost of the São Paulo state where my sister has an apartment) to meet my sister and her family there. It was mother’s day and my sister has 2 kids. So, we spent the rest of the day with them. Next day we drove to São Paulo city, where my sister actually lives and the next day we got a train and shoot a video with Daniel Stopa from It was the first collaboration we did with another channel. We learned with him how to build drawers. It was a really nice class. It was also the first video we recorded to our Odd Life channel in Portuguese. The same night we met Lu, a friend that Duca used to share an apartment in 2009 in São Paulo during the cinema classes he took that year. She is like a sister to him. Next day we drove to São Roque, another city in São Paulo state to meet Leandro ( He is a really nice guy that is also building a container house. The difference is that he already lives (with his wife, 2 kids, 2 cats and a dog) in the house while he is building it. It’s not an easy thing to do. We recorded an interview for his channel and also a tour of this house for our channel. But the only problem is that we don’t know when we are gonna to post this video as we are speaking Portuguese again an most of the people that watches our channel aren’t Brazilians and complain about the language on the video. Well, after the visit we went back to Guarujá, where we had the time to finish the video we recorded with StopaLab for next Monday, it was Wednesday. On Saturday we went back to São Paulo. We had my niece’s baptism (I’m the godmother) and we also went to a concert of our favorite band that they guys aren’t together as a band anymore, but sometimes the get together and make a tour. The last concert we went was in 2012. The name of the band is Los Hermanos. Next day we went back to Guarujá and something happened that we won’t talk about it now, just a few weeks from now we are gonna tell you what happened. We can just say that it was a life changing episode of our lives.

Stay tuned that some weeks from now we are gonna tell you the news!!!