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How we Installed Aluminum Doors on our Tiny Shipping Container House - Episode 11

You must be thinking: What’s the difference between installing aluminum windows and door? The door is just like a big window, isn’t it?

Actually there are some differences. One of them is that we installed the door on the floor and the floor isn’t flash with the edge of the shipping container. So, to install the door we needed to come up with a solution for this 1 centimeter gap. We decided to use epoxy putty to fix the gap.

The other difference when compared with the windows is that the windows come with the sheets of glass already on place and the doors, the sheets are too heavy and they come separately of the door. So, the frame of the door are too light and the door to heavy. We needed to think how to install it in order to hold the frame on place. We started screwing the frame on the floor. Then we put some masking tape around the door and the frame, I held the top part and Duca put some spray foam on the top. We waited around 30 minutes and put the doors on place. After that we put some sticks to hold the frame on place as the foam could expand and bend them. Then we put some foam on the sides. We waited until the next day, took of the sticks and took of the masking tape. Then we put another masking tape, this time with some space to apply the polyurethane to cover the gap between the frame and the doors. And that was it!!!

Now we have all the doors and windows on place!!!! There is no more water coming inside the house!!! We are sooooo happy to finish this task!!!! We were working hard to have it done and now we finally made it!!