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Indonesian wood carving!!

Traveling can be something that can suits any kind of people. There are so many different ways someone can travel. With lots of money, on a budget, by van, by airplane, by boat, staying on fancy hotels, camping, on hostels and the list goes on forever.

Some people prefer to be like a king for one week, some people (like us) prefer to travel for 2 month with the same amount of money on a budget. Who is right? Who is wrong? That is the beauty of traveling, there is no right or wrong, it all depends on you (the person who is traveling), the right way to travel is to do it your way!!

Some people prefer to visit as many places as possible on the same trip. We kind of prefer the opposite, we try to stay as long as possible on the same place. Of course that doesn’t mean sometimes we don’t stay for a short period of time in one place, as will happen later on this trip, but when we really like a place, we tend to not move around that much.

Canggu was one of those places, we used to do a few day trips, but always knowing that home (at least for that time) was Canggu. The good thing about staying longer on the same place is that we have the opportunity to create real relationships.

The episode 1.3 of our series is an example of that. Took us almost two months having diner many times on the same restaurant until we actually became friends of the 3 guys that were working there, a really good friends with one of them, Kakul.

One night I was talking to Kakul about my interest on learning more about Indonesian wood carving (they are so good at this art) and asked him if he knew any local that could teach me about. I didn’t know but his father was a professor for the local carving artists for over 30 years, but he was retired. What a nice opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the balinese culture, and that is the reason why we prefer to stay longer in each place. If we had kept to our plans and had stayed only one week in Canggu, I’m pretty sure this amazing day wouldn’t exist.

When we travel to a undeveloped place it’s natural to be seen as a “dollar bill”, but that day was different. That day we were there as a friend. We could tell by their faces how excited they were to have someone from so far that really want to spend a day listening to their histories, eating their food, and growing a closer friendship.

The villa where they live is amazing! It is composed of many little temples, with different purpose, with many little shelters. Every little corner there is an amazing detail, an amazing wooden sculpture. Kakul told us that there are only two ways to own a typical balinese property like they do, you are either really rich or have really good skill. In their case, his father has amazing skills and patience, and for 30 year did all by himself. It’s impressive, even hard to imagine the work he had.

Carving was so cool. Since I was a kid I always liked to create hand made stuff, and once I concentrate on the craft, I really didn’t see the time pass by. For sure this was one of the best days of our entire trip, and a day that we’ll always remember!!

See you guys next week when out of the blue we ended up in a Yoga Retreat.