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Is Drywall better than Plywood Walls? (testing drywalls on our shipping container bathroom) #084

Continuing the building of the bathroom of our tiny shipping container house, our next step was to close our walls. As you know all the walls of the house until now are made out of Plywood. We do loved the results, but many people say it would be better if it was made with drywall. Well, our answer is always that we prefer plywood walls, but in reality It's hard to say which one we prefer without trying out both materials. So for our bathroom we decided to try out Drywall so in the future when people ask which one is better, plywood walls or drywall, we have an honest and accurate answer and arguments hehehehe.

One thing is a fact, a sheet of drywall is way cheaper than a sheet of plywood. The most negative side of using drywall is that it seems to be really fragile. That’s the reason why we have just used plywood walls until now. But we decided to take the chance and to use drywall on the last pieces of ceiling and walls we had.

Drywall is actually easier to cut and to install. It’s also easier to fix the joints in between 2 sheets because there are already made to have connections, so they have a little curve on the edges and a specific tape and mud to use. We already bought the tape and the mud to use next week and they were sooooo cheap. 1 gallon of mud costs less than 4 American dollars and we think 1 gallon is enough for the hole walls and ceiling we’ve installed.

Until now, the only negative point of drywall is that it seems to be really fragile. We have no idea how much weight it can handle, it seems that a simple knock on the wall is gonna to destroy it.