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Nop!! We are not CRAZY!!😨 Living Tiny Project - Episode 055

Today we decided to do something that many people may think we are crazy. We decided to paint our plywood walls white. Yep! We are gonna paint our plywood walls with some paint, we aren’t gonna leave the plywood as it is, with its natural design. But we think the house is gonna look bigger with we paint it with a light color. So, this week we started the journey of painting the walls of our house!

We bought a filler specific for wooden boats that is a little bit elastic and doesn’t crack if you use it in a layer smaller than 4 millimeters. So, we spent 3 days applying the filler on the walls because in some places it shrunk after dried and we needed to apply it again. The 4th day was dedicated to sand the filler. We spent like 5 hours sanding the walls. It was really hot because there was no wind going inside the house, as we needed to cover the windows and door, so in this way they wouldn't get dirty.

It was harder to apply the filler than I thought and after the first day I could feel my hand sore of applying the filler with force.

After all the filler and sand the walls were ready to paint with the final painting!!