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Our walls are ready!! 😍 LTP Ep.052

We finished installing the walls!!! At least for now. We finished all the walls we are gonna have in the house, minus the shower place (that we are gonna build the shower cabin) and one wall of the storage place (because we built some shelves there to organize our tools and we don’t want to move them from there now. We are soooo happy to finish the walls!!! Today we spent a lot of time thinking about how big we want our bathroom and we decided to have a smaller storage place and a big bathroom, not that big, 10 centimeters more, but for a bathroom it’s good, we are gonna have more space in front of the toilet to access the shower. After we decided the size of the bathroom we also spent some time deciding throughout where the wiring for lights and outlets are gonna go to arrive on the walls and ceiling of our bathroom. As we were gonna build the walls on one side of the bathroom we needed to run some conduits there. For now we have decided how to run the wiring there, let’s hope we remember the decision in the future and we don’t want to change that.

We are sooo excited to finally have all the walls in place!! It was something that since the beginning of the building, a year ago, we were waiting for! We were nervous to know if we could build this with not much errores. And guess what? We could do it!!!

In today's video we celebrated 1 year of weekly videos about our journey on YouTube!!! We are very proud of ourselves for being able to keep us working 24/7 for 1 year to make it all go well. And we have more weeks coming!! We still have a lot to do until we can move to live in our house!!!