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Our wardrobe failed - Episode 063

This week we needed to solve a big problem on the top part of our wardrobe. The thing is… our wardrobe ended up being very heavy and it bends in the middle. So, we decided to reinforce the bottom of it. The first idea was to use fiberglass and epoxy resin. We bought everything and then Vargas came to visit us (the guy that helped us to paint the roof a year ago) and he said that he think that the resin wouldn’t solve our problem. So, we changed our minds again and we decided to buy some steel square tube and to build a reinforce using metal instead.

The challenge for the week was to try to use stick weld instead of MIG weld. We have never used this sort of weld before and we decided to give it a chance as we had 5 sticks since a year ago and we had no gas to weld using MIG. Duca was always curious to try this kind of weld and now he had this chance to try it out.

Well, it’s not that easy as MIG weld but after some videos on YouTube and some hours of practice Duca got it and in the end he could weld a nice weld line.

The other day I saw a video that someone said: “When was the last time you did something for the first time? “. This sentence got me think about our project. It’s so cool to experiment new things and the project we decided to dedicate by now (build our own tiny shipping container house with our own hands) makes us to learn so much and to enjoy so much. Every single day we produce something that we have never done before and it’s so good, it gives us so much satisfaction.