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Our wardrobe is in place!! Episode 064

We lifted up the big piece of our wardrobe!!! This was one of these times that we need extra hands on our building. Lucky that we can count on our friends. The wardrobe ended up being to heavy (built using 2 sheets of 3/4” plywood plus 1 sheet of ½’’ plywood) and impossible to lift it up just by ourselves. Before we could put this in place we needed to paint the whole thing and to install the wirings for future lights and outlets that we are going to have inside the wardrobe. This part was easier than I thought. We are both engineers and we have studied about electrical but one thing is theory and the other is practical. I have never installed any sort of wiring in my life before and I need to admit that I was kind of nervous to do that. I was afraid we could get this wrong and the lamp could fail. But we installed it!! It was quicker and easier than I thought and the lamp is working perfectly. As soon as we finished installing the wirings our friends arrived to lift the wardrobe up.

This step was also quicker than I thought!!! Duca, Fábio (our friend that has a youtube channel:, André (our friend that is a Firefighter tenet) and Diego (Duca’s brother in law) lifted the wardrobe top part really quick and the best part is: it fitted perfectly in place!!

It’s so cool to look to the wardrobe and to imagine that we built it from scratch. We had an idea and we got some material, we built it and now it’s there. We can’t wait until we have all the house done!! I can’t imagine the happiness we are gonna experience!!