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Phi Phi Island our 10th anniversary!!

The ferry to Koh Phi Phi was one of the worst that I had catch in my life. It was old, stinky, and there were holes on the ceiling. The result was that I got really seasick when the wind started blowing, the waves got bigger and started to drop some water from the ceiling. But I got better when we arrived in the island.

For the first time we had no hotel booked in advance. We have being searching for that and we didn't have any conclusion about here to stay. As it was low season in Thailand we decided to give a chance to look for a place to stay on arrival.

Actually we walked around the island carrying our bags and trying to find the places that we had seen online. In the beginning we didn't like any hotel. So, we finally found our "new home", at least for 3 days. It was located a bit far from the busy center, actually nothing in this island is that far. So, in this case, we can consider 500 meters far.

Koh Phi Phi got famous after the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio, that was filmed in Maya Bay, the island that is close to Phi Phi. It's a small island, but very busy. There is no vehicles in the island, just police and hospital have a motorbike and all the transport of goods inside the island is made with little cars that people carry, making some noise with their mouth to ask for permission to pass by.

21th October we celebrate 10 years together and we decided to go for a boat trip to Maya Bay. As we are too tight fist we bought the cheapest ride to the island. The weather was really windy and they sold the trip anyways. The result: the boat didn't go inside Maya Bay, we needed to swim until some rocks, climb some ropes to get inside the island. Once we got there we needed to pay to go inside (with the wet money that was in Duca's pocket). We made a deal that we would have a nice dinner to celebrate the day. In the end we ate a pasta in a "Italian" restaurant and some french fries. This food was not the best that we tried in the island. Our favorite one was a Indian food.

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most touristic places in Thailand and usually people go there to drink a lot and to go to parties. As the king of the Thailand had just died many parties were cancelled, even the famous one that were about to happen when we were in Kao Sok called Full Moon Party. In our case it was good because the places were calm, as we don’t drink and we don’t enjoy too much noise.

During the day the weather was hot or rainy and this made us to spend some time our room watching some documentary. One day we made a bad decision of watching a tsunami documentary that hit the island in 2004 ( After that we were to worried that it could happen again that we decided to move on.