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Plywood Bathtub 🛁 [lots of resin and dust] Part 3 LTP #071

Well, this week we applied a lot of resin and sanded a lot our bathtub. The idea is not to be lazy and try get the best result we can. We want to have a really good finishing of our surface, not to have holes and big marks. So, we are working on the hot weather using appropriated clothes, gloves, masks, glasses... because we can not breath the resin and also we want to protect the skin and hair in order to avoid the resin to get in touch with our bodies. In the end of the week the bathtub was almost perfect. We still need to fix some tiny little spots. We are really glad we could build the bathtub on the shape we wanted. We are soooo excited to be finishing our bathtub project and that it’s almost time to start installing the plumbing system. After finishing the bathroom we are gonna have most part of the house done!! That’s soooo cool!