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Plywood Shower Cabin Part 2 (TURNING IT WATERTIGHT) 🛁 Living Tiny Project #079

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Well, talking about this week… We started the week finishing small wood details before we started applying epoxy resin on our shower cabin. It took us one day to be done. The rest of the week was dedicated to applied clear epoxy on every single panel, there are 4 panels in total (ceiling and 3 pieces of walls). As we needed to apply it in every single side of the panels we took 2 days to do it. We needed to apply resin in one side of the panels and wait for 24 hours for it to dry before we could turn the panels and paint the other side.

We started to apply resin with filler on the small corners of our shampoo box and on the panel around the window of our shower cabin.

We finished the week sanding every single spot of the front part of the panels to get it ready to receive one layer of resin with filler on the surface.

As we needed to wait for the resin to dry we spent some hours this week mixing and applying resin and other hours at home editing the video. In the end the video was ready with subtitles and everything and available for our Patrons on Friday!! It was a good feeling, to have the video ready before Sunday!! I wish we could do the same more times.