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Plywood wardrobe - Episode 062

We started building the bottom right piece of furniture for our wardrobe. We finish most of it in just one day. On the other day we needed to cut the back and the front part of the plywood of the furniture, to glue some veneering and to assemble the furniture.

This week we had the hottest day in the history of our cit, it hit 39.7 degrees Celsius today (thermal sensation: 50ºC). It was really hard to work this week because it was even hard to breath while we were working. We took a day off, one in a long time!! We didn’t go to the beach last year, and we live in a city that has more than 42 beaches. Yep, we are kind of workaholic I know that, but if we don’t dedicate to work the video won’t be done by itself. This week we met some of my friends from school (we are friends for more than 20 years, but one of us live in Europe and come to our city just once a year) and we also decided to go to the beach!!! Yeppp!! We did it. Duca even practiced kitesurfing (oh! He was missing a lot kitesurfing!).

Due to the weather it was really hard to work this week, but we managed to finish the right module of our wardrobe. It seems that we always say the same thing, but we are in love with the new piece of furniture!!