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Re-thinking our lives!!

After enjoying to stay some moment without doing nothing we had still didn't decide what to do for 2017 and on. So, at this point we had some choices. The first one was to go back to Brazil and try to find a regular jobs. With the huge political and economical crisis going on in our country there was no point on going back. Then we think about the second choice, that was to apply for a skilled visa in New Zealand as we are both engineers. But as the point system for this had changed it got harder for us to go on in this decision. We needed to get a job offer, and as we were far from New Zealand to try that we left this option aside.

The third and winning option was to combine our 2 passions together. Since we met we have being working with video and photography on our spare time. So, we came up with the idea of putting these arts and our interest in engineering in one project. And that how the Odd Life Crafting project "was born".

Actually we skip some other options that we thought for a short period of time: working in a ski station in United States during the winter season, move to United States and try to find a job, move to Caribbean (Duca’s idea: buy a boat, live inside while we renovate it), move to Brazil and start building a boat (but we didn’t know if we would have money to finish it), try to work in a ship somewhere in the world, to work in Dubai, to work in somewhere in Europe (as Duca is a Italian citizen) among other options.

Back to the new reality!! So, now we had a new job!! It was a turn point on our stay in Bali. From this day we had a plan, we had something to talk and think about, we have a goal to achieve and we were anxious to start it.