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Retrospective of the building of our Tiny Shipping Container House 2017 - Episode 009

We can say that 2017 was a marvelous year because was the year that we finally started our dream project!! Actually the idea has begun in Indonesia in 2016. But it was in 2017 that we started building our our dream Tiny House itself!! What an experience!! Duca and I are both engineers (Duca is a civil engineer and I’m an environmental engineer) but we have never built something by ourselves. It’s amazing to see something that we had imagined becoming alive.

Since we started thinking about the project our lives have been full with good feelings and our brains never stop.

When we decided to build our house ourselves, we knew we would face challenges, even though we didn’t know exactly which ones we were willing to take a chance on.

In fact every day we have decisions to make. When we are on the way from our home (Duca’s mother’s house at the moment) for the building place we check the weather, we think about the priorities of the building (what we have to do more urgently), what we still have to record for each episode, and so on ... so every single day we need to decide what we are going to do.

Some decisions we had or still have to make so far:
- Material of the building: wood, masonry or shipping container / After deciding for the shipping container -> 20 or 40 feet? Refeer or dry?/ Shape of the shipping containers on the land and floor plans / What company to buy it from / Solution for the footings (materials, sizes, location ...) / Equipments to be purchased (in which stores) and accessories (gloves, disks, etc.) / Which painting to use after welding / Which finishing to use after cutting each part of the shipping container / Which finishing we would use in the joints (metal bars, format, size, polyurethane, cold zinc, red lead...) / How to connect both shipping containers (which material to use, how to do this...)- Which camera to use, tripod, battery, card, ... / What to post on social networks (pictures, frequency, text…) / Which format of the videos (more or less voiceover, interview, songs ...) / What is important to show in each episode / Portuguese or English / Shipping container color / Color of the frames / Size, format, color, place to buy and other things related to the aluminum windows and doors
/ Choose the entrance door (wood), where to buy it, paint (brush or compressor - color - kind and color of the painting), sandpaper thickness, how many layers of primer painting and of the final color, how to square the frame, how to cut the door, wooden frame (design, color, wood, size…) / How to solve the problem of the water accumulating on the roof / How to solve the rust problem / How to create a wooden deck on the top of our shipping container / T-shirts (color, size, images, amount…) / Meals (lunches, snacks ...) - every single day I need to think about the food for the day. We have a microwave to heat the food up. So, I always need to think about what we are going to have for lunch / and so on.

You must already be tired of so many decisions that we have had to make. That, of course, I summed up and neither did I mention all of them. I advise building your own home for everyone who doesn’t like to have a daily routine, who likes surprises, challenges, exercise, to being their own boss, to being proud to see what has been done with the very hands ... Anyway. We are enjoying every moment of our work!

It has been an amazing journey to build our own Tiny Shipping Container House and we are really happy with all the returns we have been having. We have been meeting many people throughout the channel from all over the world and are excited to have the chance to share our project with people worldwide.