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Rewind 2018

We have no words to describe the year of 2018. Actually, it’s the opposite we do have lots of words to describe this amazing year: gratitude, happiness, support, kindness, hard work (if it’s a word), sweat, love… and we have so many others that represent this year.

We had such a great year and all of this happened because of you, guys. Every single person that watches our content, read our posts, shares our story and so on. We are sooo amazed with all the great commentaries we have been receiving, with all the kind words, with all the views we are having, with all the love involved on our journey.

Our journey wouldn’t be that fun it is if it wasn’t for you guys. We are so happy to share our journey and interact with people worldwide.

2018 was an amazing year on our lives and we are looking forward to 2019!! We have soooo many new projects to go and so many stories to share with you!!

Have you all an amazing NEW YEAR!!

With love, Odd Life Family (Roberta and Duca)