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Shipping Container 3 months building review - Episode 012

Well, we decided to do this episode because by this time we were working on the roof for days and we thought that there wasn’t enough content for one episode.

So, we decided to answer some questions that people were asking us.

On these 3 months we have learned a lot about building, materials, equipments, filming, editing, social media and a lot more things, some of them we didn’t even imagine that one day we would learn about.

It seems to be such a long time that we are building and sometimes it seems that we didn’t do much. That we could have done so much more. But actually if we look back we have done a lot until now!

Families and friends always complain that we are working too much and we should spend more time with them. But if we don’t work nobody is gonna build this to us and we need to have videos every Monday. We are doing our best trying to arrange time for everything and everyone, but this job is really hard.

Let’s get back to the questions. One of them was about the external layout of our house. About the south side, since the beginning we planned to have a deck in front of the entrance door, but we still don’t know how big is going to be the shelter on the top of the door (if it’s going to be just on the top of the door or if it’s going to be bigger and to cover also the office’s windows. On the east side we are planning on having some wood to protect the shipping container from the sun, that hit a lot the shipping container during the morning. The north side we are planning on having 2 wooden decks, one in front of the shipping container’s original doors and another big one (3 by 4 meters) in front of the balcony doors and we are going to have a roof on the top of this deck. On the west side we are planning on having a wooden shade as well. And I guess that’s it.

Other questions were about the sizes of the windows and the height of them. Starting with the bedroom windows. Why are they this low? Because we want to see the view from the bed. We have an amazing view and we don’t want to lose that. And also we want to have space to build a wardrobe on the top of it. We have 2 windows to have a cross wind. Another question was about the height of the office windows. Why are they that hight? Because we don’t want to have light right behind the computer but we still want to have a little bit of light and cross wind, that’s the reason why they have this hight. How about the dining window? We already explained about this on the second episode of Living Tiny Project, but we are going to explain it again. This window is height to have some privacy inside the house. The land is not ours, so we can have people around the land and if we have a high window we have more privacy and we still can see the amazing view from there. In the kitchen we are going to have a cabinet on the top of the window, that’s why it’s this low and small.

I guess these were the main questions… but if you still have a question or suggestion we are always open to listen to it! Just leave us a message.