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Shipping Container Aluminum Windows Installation in 5 steps Part ½ - Episode 8

Today we are going to talk about how we prepared the shipping container to receive and install que aluminum windows.

Well, one more time we had that feeling of nervousness and anxiety at the same time. We were anxious to start cutting the walls and to see the view from every single window and door. We knew that when we cut the walls the house would look bigger than a closed shipping container and couldn’t wait to see that. On the other hand we were nervous to start cutting the walls, after all usually the reality of the practice is different from the theory.

We have seen on the internet many people just marking, cutting and welding frames as it was a really simples task to do. But in the reality it’s not that simple.

We started cutting the metal bars to do the metal frames for the windows on 24th October 2017. This was the day we decided to dedicate to do some cutting, welding and grinding. We did all the window’s and door’s frames of the east container (2 windows for the bathroom, 1 frame for the kitchen’s slide door and we finished the kitchen’s window) and the frame for the entrance door that will be on the west container.

After that, we took one whole day to mark and cut the wall to put the kitchen’s window, to put the frame on place, weld and paint it. The day was really windy and hot and I needed to keep holding a cardboard to protect the weld from the wind while Duca and I were wearing pants, leather boots, socks, t-shirt and a jeans jacket. It was even hard to have images of this day because it was hard to film it.

We are going to have 8 windows, 2 aluminum doors and the wooden door to install on our house. At first we were planning on installing all the windows and the door of the east container and to close and use it as a deposit for our tools. So, we cut and welded all the frames for the east container. Then, we thought better and it would be better if we ordered all the windows and door in one time. So, we decided to finish the windows and door on the west container.

We took 5 days in total to finish all the windows and door of the east container and another 5 to do the west container. What I mean by that is that we spent 10 days cutting metals do weld as a frame, welded it as a frame, marked and cut the wall, putting the frames for the windows and doors on place, welding them, cleaning the welds and painting them with 2 coats of primer and then with 2 coats of the final painting.

We are really happy that the container is finally ready to receive the windows and door!!! Now we are closer to have the shipping container finally closed, without water inside every time that rains!!