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Shipping Container Aluminum Windows Installation in 5 steps Part 2/2 - Episode 10

Here we are talking about the aluminum windows one more time.

I know that I have talked about the painting of the frames before, but it was in this episode that we show you guys how we painted the frames. By this time painting was still a problem for us. Over time we begin to be confident and painting becomes an easy task. We still use a lot of chemicals to paint and we still generate a lot of waste everytime we paint and I’m too green for that. If i could I would leave things without painting, but it's impossible. If we won’t paint steel it’s gonna get rust and if we don’t paint the wood it will get bad really soon.

After painting all the frames with primer and the final paint that we are going to use on the whole shipping container (a dark grey) it was time to finally install the windows!!!

In Brazil, as most of the buildings are of masonry all the windows are custom made. It’s really hard to find a window already done to buy on market, and for us that’s a good news. Our first thought was to order the windows with the factory and then, with the windows with us, we would cut the shipping container and install the frames. We were lucky that the guy from the factory said that we should build and weld the frames and then measure the inside parts to order the windows. The measure was close to the ones we wanted but if we had ordered before probably we would have some problems to fit the windows on place.

After putting the first window on place the others were really quick to install. We have an advice to give you. If you intend to install aluminum windows and door make sure to use masking tape wherever you don’t want the spray foam to touch neither the polyurethane.

The steps to install the windows were: Apply masking tape around the window and the around the metal frame / Put the window on place / Apply spray foam and hold the window on place for around 10 minutes (until the foam dries a little bit, making possible to let the window holding on place by itself) / Next day… take the tapes out and the extra foam and apply another tape leaving some space to apply to polyurethane to close the gap between the window and the frame / And that’s it! It’s easy like that!

We were soooooo happy that we could install all the windows by ourselves!!! We left the windows just with the foam and in the future, when we start insulating the walls, we are going to put some frames to hold them on place.

We were able to install the windows before the end of the year!! We managed to achieve our goal and we were very happy with the result!