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Shipping Container House: And the work continues… Living Tiny Project - Episode 040

This week we lost some time trying to figure out what kind of supports we should use to hold the canopy on place. It’s hard to find an alternative when your project is unique. There is no such a canopy like ours and sometimes it’s hard to think in pontual solutions like how to fix the canopy to the container. We thought about 3 different ways to connect the stainless steel cable on the canopy until we found out one that we really like.

This week we also sanded a lot and applied resin and filler on the canopy. If we had more time it would be a nice work, but in the end we needed to leave a lot of places that we should have sanded a little bit more; after all we need to install this canopy until the end of the next week and we still need to paint it.

This is the bad part of having a youtube channel and have time clockling to finish a episode a week. Sometimes we don’t have time to give the best of us on some projects, sometimes we know we could do something better if we had extra time for that. On the other hand, maybe if we did not have a deadline we would be messing around and maybe it would take us a lot longer to finish our house. So having the channel is a great thing and we can see just the good side of it!!