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Shipping Container House: How much does it cost? Living Tiny Project - Episode 022

Well, I think it’s about time to talk about all the costs we have until now. We are almost done with the structural and all the metal parts of the shipping container, so we had a lot of costs until now. To make it easier to understand we are going to divide them in itens. The costs were:

Footing (Foundation) U$444

Underground cast in place concrete footing 1,57m3 - U$306

Precast concrete footings - donation

Precast transport - U$138


Shipping Container U$3.230

40’’ shipping container - U$2.277

Cut and reinforcement - U$492

Transport - U$461


Cut U$151

53 angle grinder cutting discs 5 inches - U$65

9 angle grinder grinding discs 4.5 inches - U$15

17 angle grinder flap discs 4.5 inches - U$43

4 angle grinder metal brush discs - U$31


Welding U$636

25kg Mig wire - U$190

5 bottles of gas (75%Ar + 25%CO2) - U$154

Extra steel - U$292


Doors and Windows U$2215

Entry door (the wooden door, hinges, handle and wooden finishing) - U$244

Aluminium windows and doors (2 doors and 8 windows custom made) - U$1846

Installation (6 Polyurethane bottles + 7 expandable foam cans + screws) - U$125


Painting U$295

Primers (zinc chromate, red lead…) - U$124

Rust converter - U$16

Thinner - U$27

Synthetic enamel + catalyst - U$58

Black matte vinyl - U$22

Liquid asphalt paint (6,3 liters) - U$48


Deck U$2430

Metallic roof (aluzinc + aluminum + EPS + glue) - U$550

Wooden support (pressure treated pine) - U$72

45 meters of Asphalt tape - U$46

Beams and joists (Angelim) - U$677

Decking (pressure treated pine) - U$615

18 liters of stain - U$221

Metal brackets - U$32

Screws (2600 screws) - U$96

Wooden filler - U$5

Gutter system (PVC pipes) - U$116


Miscellaneous (gloves, masks, drills, sand papers…) - U$677


The total we spent until now for the whole building was U$9927.

We can say that we spent 10 thousand american dollars until now.

Of course we could spend less than this, but we had no prior experience on building and sometimes we need to do something all over again and spend a little bit more than planned. We are also choosing good materials for the building. We could have bought cheaper materials and had chosen another solutions for the house. But we want to have a good house! We want to have the tiny house of our dreams. As it will be small we can use good materials and it will still be cheaper than a regular size house. So, we decided don’t save money if we find a good and durable material.

We are also using the building as a laboratory. What I mean by that is that we are trying new materials and solutions and we will see along the years if they were a good choice. So, we are trying new things and show you guys every week the solutions we found out. Not that they are the BEST ones, but they were the solutions we figure out for our building.

Honestly, we were expecting to spend around this amount until now. So, we are really content with our progress!!!!