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SHIPPING CONTAINER HOUSE: Reasons why you should build one - LTP#082

As we were tired of the hectic week that was last week we didn’t have time to finish painting and installing our shower cabin and we decided to talk about the advantages of building a tiny house using a shipping container.

We are gonna list some of the reasons why you should consider building a shipping container house and if you want to know a little bit more we suggest you to watch the whole video about it.

One of the reasons is that when you buy a shipping container the structure is already done. Another reason is sustainability, after all you are using a piece of garbage to build a house. After 15 years been used as a container to transport goods, it’s not possible to use a shipping container for this anymore and the companies need to get rid of it. If you use it as a base for your house you are reusing a really good material, giving another life to it. The structure is really hard and resistant.

I think the main reason you should consider building using a shipping container is mobility. Depending on your project you can build the whole house in a factory and transport to the land you want to put it. You can work in more than one step at the same time. You can build the footings and work on the inside part at the same time. Also, you don’t need to buy a land to build a house, as you can move your house for wherever you want. If you need to move to another place you can take your house with you. There are sooooo many advantages on building a house use one single shipping container.

On our case the 40ft shipping container couldn’t get to the land, so we needed to cut it in half to transport. As it was already cut we decided to weld it as a L shape. So, if we need to move it to another place it’s gonna be a little hard, as we would need to take the welds of. So, why we didn’t buy 2 20ft shipping containers? Because they were not available to buy when we were looking to buy containers, then we needed to buy a 40ft. The advantage of the 40ft is that where in Brazil we can find high cube shipping container just in 40ft, we don’t have 20ft high cube here. So, with this change of plans we earned 30 centimeters of height.

Well, we have some other reasons we consider a shipping container a good choice to build a tiny house inside. Check the video for more!