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Shipping Container Metal Roof Installation Part 2/2 - Episode 019

Now that we had the main roof done it was time to focus on a way of solving the problem of bringing the water from the hanging part of the wooden deck we are building on the top of our shipping container house to the main roof.

We had been struggling about the solution for this problem for a while as there is no information about this anywhere. As we decided to have a hanging deck that is 30 centimeters bigger than the shipping container we needed to solve the problem of the water dripping from this hanging part through the walls of the shipping container. We solved the problem by creating 60 small roof eaves. It was not an easy job to do. It was actually a very exhausting job. We needed to think in many sorts of solutions as there are some parts of the roof are differents of the others. So we decided to divide the roof into 5 different sections and we needed to think about solutions for each one of them. After we found the solutions it was time to execute the assembling of the little roofs.

We first gave some numbers for each space we needed to fill with a little roof. After that we measured the width and length of each one and put the numbers on paper. Then, it was time to cut the little pieces using a angle grinder and all the safety gears. Next step was to clean the edges with a flap disc on the angle grinder and then to bend the edges using a hammer to screw the roof on the joists. We needed 2 days to finish all this task. After that it was time to glue the EPS on the little roofs.

We prepared the space and the pieces that we needed to glue. This time we already knew that the glue would heat and get dry really fast, so we tried to do the job quick. And this time we glued inside of the shipping container and we put some lights, this way the darkness was not a problem. This time we didn’t put all the glue from the bucket at once inside the plastic bag as we did before, instead we put it into the plastic bags 4 times. The problem we had this time was about the amount of glue that we didn’t use. In the end we needed to use just half of the bucket and we lost the rest. I considered that we had 2 problems in this case, the fact of this glue is expensive and the fact of been throwing away chemical residuos. I’m too green for that and I get really sad with the need of throwing material away, even more when it involves something that is chemical, that is bad for the environment. But as Duca always says: sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Back to the process of building the little roofs. Next day it was time to put the roofs on place. It was a incredibly hot week the week of the installation. To have an idea on of these days that we worked on the roof was the most hotter day of the year in our city, it was above 30 degrees, I don’t know exactly how much it was. It was an exhausting process and we managed to get almost the whole little roofs on place in just one day. The worst part was that we needed to walk on the top of the joists and for that we needed to step carefully on the top of them otherwize we could slip and fall on the roof. It was like stepping on eggs and we were incredibly tired on the end of the second day, the day we finally finished installing the roofs. After we installed them we painted all the junctions with liquid asphalt and on the other day we put asphalt tape on the top of it. We are doing a test to see with the tape has a better adherence on the wood and the roof with the liquid asphalt.

I’m writing this post one day after we put this video on youtube and we had some comments and concerns about the solutions we created for this part. Some people think that the water can go through a wrong direction with wind, as the slope of the roof isn’t too big, others say that the EPS can get some mold, other said that the asphalt can corrode the roof, and so on. We actually share some of this concerns with you guys. In reality we can’t change any of these solutions by now and we actually liked the way it is.

In fact the roof is done, but the deck it isn’t totally finished yet. We still need to put the gutters and accessories and to do some finishings and the decking itself. In the end the EPS is gonna be hidden and protected from the wind and rain.

We know that in the end all these solutions we got are too complicated, but it was the ones we found in a short period of time to think about. It’s hard to think about a ongoing project, to come up with solutions, to execute them, to film, edit and to share them with you in less than a week. I always say that we are doing on the same way that we used to do when we were in school or university. Usually we kept postponing an assignment as much as we could until we almost got to the deadline. Lately our routine is like that… we keep postponing decisions until there is no way of keeping doing that. But one day we need to take a decision and sometimes we don’t have time to get better ideas about the task in question. Maybe the decisions for the roof would be different if we had more time thinking about them. As Duca said today: Hopefully our solutions will work and we will be able to stop thinking about the roof and its deck for a while as we stopped thinking about the windows since last year. hehe.

Let’s wait for the finishings of the deck to see if the solutions for the roof indeed worked!