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Shipping Container Rain Water Problem - Episode 020

We had been thinking about how to solve the problem of the rain on the top of our shipping container since then it has arrived. We knew that accumulated water generates corrosion, so we knew that we needed to take the water away from the roof. In another episode we tried to solve this problem using a hydraulic car jack, but it didn’t work for some parts of the top of the shipping container. Now it was time to find a real solution.

To get the roof as it is right now we needed to consider how the gutter would be installed. To solve that we went to few stores to see what sort of gutters they sell. When it comes to the format, we found rounded or rectangular ones and when it comes to material matters we found PVC or metal ones. We decided to go with the rounded PVC ones and to paint it. We decided to paint in the same color that our shipping container is going to be, this way the gutter is camouflaged on the walls of the shipping container.

As we planned a lot before actually to install the gutter, the installation was straightforward and quick. We were soooo excited with that. That means that we are getting used to use the tools and to plan the processes before actually doing it. Oh!! By the way, the gutter is working pretty well!!