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Shipping Container Roof Painting - Episode 013

The roof was like a karma to us! We were working on it for a long time and we were so angry about that… seems that it would never have an end.

We started the roof story last year, taking off the rust with the angle grinder. We painted some parts with epoxy primer and we left like this for too long. We were lazy to continue working on the roof because it always took us such a long time to do something there and we never finished it. After we took off some rust we discovered some holes on the roof and we were waiting for the company that we bought the shipping container to go there to fix it. But there was always a problem, most of the times that we made and appointment with the company the rain came on that day and it wouldn’t be possible to weld the pieces on place. Finally one day the guy went there to fix the roof for us! He was so quicker than us, as he is a professional on this area. Duca learned a lot just watching him working. If the holes fixed it was time to go back to the fixing.

That’s when we are happy to have the channel on Youtube. A couple that watches our channel (Marilzete and Vargas) would be in our city and they asked if they could go there to visit us. They arrived there and they saw we here lost about what to do. As the guy knows a lot about painting they went to the store with us to buy painting and he went to the shipping container on the next day to help us to paint the roof. Duca and Vargas painted all the roof with liquid asphalt and now there is no rust on the top at all. In one day we solved a problem that was haunting us for days, I would say, weeks. This day was superrrr hot and at the end of the day the Duca was really bad from migraine!

If we would start the building all over again we would start from the roof to the bottom. As there was rust on the top there was always some rust dripping on the walls of the shipping container and that’s terrible. There was some rust accumulating on the aluminum windows and doors and even on the top of the metal frame of the windows. Now, we always give this advice to people that tell us that they are starting the building process, as we would like that someone would say that to us.

We have no words to describe how helpful was the visit we had. We finally can stop thinking about the roof, there is no rust at all on it!! We are soooo happy with the result of the painting.