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Shipping Container Roof Repair - Tiny Shipping Container House Ep.006

This was a problem that we were expecting to fix but we couldn’t. Let me explain you the reason why.

A brand new shipping container is made in a way that we water can goes to the side and leave the shipping container, otherwize, if the water stays there it can cause corrosion. As our shipping container is 15 years old it was hit a lot and there are some places that the water doesn’t go away. When we bought it we thought we had just 2 spots with a little hole, but as soon we started breaking the corrosion and arounds a lot of holes started appering and discovered that we had more than 20 holes.

So, we decided to make some patches for some areas and to exchange the whole end of the top of our shipping container (as there were 15 holes just there). For that, we decided to use the parts of the walls that we had cut off. So, we cut the pieces that we would need to fix the holes but the shape of the walls is different from the top part of the shipping container and it was really hard to adapt the shape for each place. We did a little patch (20 x 20 centimeters) and we took all day long to finish this one.

Thus, we decided to call the company that sold the shipping container to us to ask if they have a roof to sell or donate to us. They had a better solution. As warranty they decided to give us the plate and to send someone to fix it for us!!

And we still had another problem to solve. The rust on our roof. By this time we were using the angle grinder and taking of the spots with rust and applying 2 coats of epoxy primer on the roof. We were doing that in parts to be easy to access all the parts that we needed to paint. There were a day that Duca spent 6 hours on the top of the east container grinding the rust off. By this time Duca’s hand was pretty bad due to the continued use of the angle grinder and the welding machine. His right hand was really sore and didn’t close well. It were worse during the morning time. But, as a dedicated boy he is, he prefers to stay with a bad hand instead of stop working.

Besides of the rust, we had another problem to solve. There were too many places where the water stayed and didn’t dry, accumulating and creating rust. To solve this problem the guy that sold the shipping container to us said that we could use a carjack and a stick to expand the roof, this way the water could go away of the roof by gravity. We tried this method, but we started listening to too many noises and we decided to stop. We called the guy and he said that the noise isn’t a problem that we could try again using a hydraulic jack, that is stronger. We saw a guy on YouTube ( that jack it up and welded a bar on the shipping container and put a piece of wood to keep the ceiling up and we decided to give a try.

But, in our case we had the connection between both containers and the shape of the containers are different, the water goes in a different direction in each container, so the water didn’t go out. We still needed to find a solution though.

Instead of trying to find another solution for this problem we decided to think in a way of not having any water on the top of our shipping container. We decided to cover the shipping container and as we want to use this area on top as a terrace we need to have something in between the shipping container and a wooden deck to keep the water away of the shipping container.

Well, now we had the beginning of a new plan. We just needed to think about what to use in between the wooden deck and the shipping container. As this decision took a while to be made it won’t be the topic of the next episode. On the next episode we will finish talking about the wooden door. See you!