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Shipping Container Wooden Deck Supports (Price reduction) - Episode 014

This episode is about the supports we built to hold the main beams of the wooden deck on the top of our tiny shipping container house. But why did we do this?

We actually had to 2 reasons for building these supports. The first one was to elevate the level of the wooden deck to have a roof between the wooden deck and the shipping container. And the second reason was money.

Well, if we didn’t build a support each beam, that has 7 meters would be supported just on the edges of the shipping container (that has 6 meters long) and we would need to have a huge piece of wood. Putting a support every 2 meters we could have a way smaller piece of wood, and that is wayyy cheaper than a big piece of wood. If we didn’t but the supports the price of the wood for the deck would be more than the price of the shipping container itself. And with the supports we reduced the price for half of the price of the shipping container.

This seems to be a easy task but as always it was not. We wanted to create supports, but in the beginning we didn’t know how to do it. So, we check the materials we had, the leftovers, and we decided to use some metal that has left from the windows. Then we needed to decide how big we needed the supports to be and how hight. If that decided we still needed to decide about how to get the correct height we need for each spot, weld the pieces together, weld a piece on the edge to screw the wood and finally to weld all the final piece of metal on the shipping container.  In the end we got all on the right measurement. We are really happy with the final result! In some spots we thought the beam wasn’t touching well the wood and to solve this problem we put some metal tape between the wood and the supports and now the beam is really well seated on the top of them!

It’s funny how sometimes we assume some tasks are simple and in the end we spent more day a day trying to finish them. This was one of this cases… until we found the final solution we spent days thinking about it. But, fortunately, in the end we got it right!