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Shipping Container Wooden Door Part 2/2 Episode 7

This was the first time we have worked with wood on our entire project and actually it was really tricky.

We first install the metal pieces on the door. For that we needed to carve some places and to take some wood off with the hand driller. Oh! I forgot! Actually Duca has worked with wood before, back in Indonesia in 2016. He took a wood carving class with the father of our Indonesian friend. So, this part, I mean the carving, he knew what he was doing and he and our friend Fábio (Instragram - @treino.correto) did a good job.

Next step was the one that I was scared to start, painting. I’m going to explain you the reason why I was scared. When we paint we waste a lot of paint and material in general and I’m too environmental for that. Plus all the chemicals that the paint is made of. But we needed to paint because the door is made by Cedar. Cedar is a good wood but as we are in southern Brazil, where it’s humid and hot, and the door is going to be exposed to the weather we needed to paint it. Another reason we don’t like painting is that for us it’s always a mess. We never know how quick the paint is going to dry and we are always in a rush. As soon as I put the camera in the correct position, focus and everything Duca moves around for the next part of the painting. It’s annoying.

Back to the painting. To paint the door we prepared a support to hold the door from the sides to be possible to paint without touching the floor. Then we took off all the metals we had installed and started sanding the door. Subsequently we added some fillet in some places that we thought it would be necessary, waited to dry it and sanded it once again. Next step was to hang it on the support and paint it using the compressor. So, we left the door with just a first layer of painting as we needed to finish this episode on time to put on Monday on Youtube.

The other problem that we needed to solve on the door was the gap between the metal and the wooden frame. In the end it was a solution to have a door well fixed on place. Well, we knew that normally people prepare the wooden frame by fixing the wooden frame with pieces of wood to make it squared. Actually we started doing this way. But the door and the wooden frame stayed in another shipping container that isn’t insulated for 2 months and it got bended, that means it was not straight anymore. In the end the gap we thought that would be bad actually helped us to have some space to push and pull the wood on place. To fix the wood we cut some pieces of another wood and whenever we needed the wooden frame to stay on place we put these small pieces in between the wooden frame and the metal frame. On the other hand, when we needed the wood to go further we screwed the wood to get closer to the metal frame. In the end it was everything right. The door fits on place!

Now, it was time to carve the spots on the wooden frame to put the pieces of metal and to fix the door on place and we put some foam between both frames to fill the gap. We are going to do the finishings on the door when we do the insulation in the interior of the house.

To be honest today is 9th March 2018 and we still didn’t finish this door completely, even though we started working on the door since the second day of the arrival of the shipping containers on 28th September 2017. But, one day, we needed to finish it.

We finished this episode in 3rd November 2017 and today we still didn’t paint the wooden frame. We are waiting for a week without rain to do that, but it seems to be impossible in our city. So, we are waiting to have a roof on the top of the door to finally paint the frame and the door again. I have told you that the door was laying on a watering hole when we got “home” one day? Yeah. That’s what happened. It was Christmas week and we had painted the door with white enamel painting and it was hang on the support to dry. As we didn’t have the aluminum door on place but we already had the hole on the wall to instal it and that week it was raining a lot and it was too wind, one day we arrived home and the perfect painted and shining white door was laying on the water. Until today we didn’t have courage to touch on it again. It’s on place, without the door handle and with some parts opened and others without the painting due to the water and some parts even fell down. We don’t know if it will be possible to fix it.

I’m really sad every time I look at this door and think about all the work that we had. Well, thinking better… there is no work that is in vain because at least we always learn something, even though we need to do the task all over again.