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The coolest project we built so far: a bathtub - Episode 069

This week we challenged ourselves to build something with our wood leftover!! We believe that is the coolest project we have built so far and we are really excited about it!! We have been thinking about building a bathtub for a while. We wanted to try the method that people use to build some kind of boats called plyglass that uses plywood and fiberglass to build something. We already used the same method to build the canopy on the top of our entry door but now the challenge is bigger: we need to build something completely watertight and

it needs to have a smooth surface, support our weight and it needs to look pretty! The idea is to build not only the bathtub but an entire cabin for the shower that won’t allowed the steam to go out of the cabin for the inside of the house, the steam needs to go out through the window that is gonna be inside the cabin.

This week we spent a lot of time thinking about the project and we actually just had time to build the wood part: leftovers of pressure treated pine to build the structural part of the bathtub and leftovers of the plywoods (10, 15 and 18 millimeters) we had to build the interior of the bathtub. We need to buy an extra 6 meters of pine to finish building the structure and the rest we use leftovers we had from other buildings.

It’s so amazing to see something that we had imagined for so long gaining shape. Not just the bathtub, but the whole house!! It’s almost unbelievable to think that we have done all of it by ourselves. When we look back and see how much we have achieved so far we feel so proud of ourselves. Ohhhh!! We have learnt a lot this past year and we steel have a lot to learn until we finish our house!!