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Tiny Shipping Container Deck - Episode 021 Part 3/3

Finally it was time to install the decking itself!!! We were sooo excited to finally begin this step of our building.

By now we already knew we would spend a lot of time painting the woods with stain. As we said before, we need to apply 3 coats on the wood. Some people that build wooden decks just apply the painting after the deck is done. But we decided to apply 2 coats of stain on every single side of the woods before assembling the deck and one after having the decking assembled. This way we could paint one more layer in case of scratching.

Well, we thought we would have all the wooden deck of the east container done in one day. Unfortunately we were wrong. In one day we could assemble just 30% of this part of the deck. The thing is… we have never done this before, as usual, and in the beginning of a new task we always takes longer because we are learning the tricks of the task. We are attaching the decking on the joists using screws and filling the top of them with white glue and wooden powder.

We worked on the deck until Thursday to launch the video on the next Monday. We had 3 days to edit the video, correcting color and audio and after uploaded that on youtube I still needed to do subtitles in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Each week we're running harder to finish the videos to put on the air every Monday.

We are soooo happy with the result of the deck until now. We still need to fix 1 line of the decking of the east container and it will be almost done. The first and last lines we are going to put just after doing the finishing and then we will have the deck finished!!!