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Tiny Shipping Container House Deck - Living Tiny Project  Part 1/2 Episode 016

What to say about the wooden deck we are building on the top of our TIny Shipping Container House. We knew it wasn’t be that easy to build, but what we didn’t think was that we would spend soooo much time on this part of the house. Since the beginning we had decided that we would like to have a space to relax on the top of our shipping container, after all it is a way to protect the shipping container from the sun and also a way of having more space around to enjoy with an amazing view. But we didn’t know how this space was going to be. Our first idea was to build a green roof.

Thinking better we decided that we wouldn’t have a green roof on the top, even though it’s one of the best ways to insulate a shipping container, if it’s not the best one. To be honest one of the reasons we are building a tiny house is to have a small space that we can call home and to have time to travel as much as we can without worrying about the house. If we had a green roof we would need to take care of it, and if we want to travel for a long time it wouldn’t be possible to take care of the little garden. Another reason was because we were afraid that during the rain season it could get too wet and we could have problems on the structure of the shipping container. So, we were afraid to go use this kind of solution.

So, we decided to build a wooden deck. We spent a lot of time thinking about the solutions for the deck on the roof, we needed to think about the solution to collect the water under the deck, about the sort of wood to use, what kind of painting to use, how would be the design of the wooden deck, how big it would be, if we would have a green roof or a wood roof, the sizes of the woods and so on.

So, we started thinking about other solutions the first option we thought was to use plywood with epoxy, like we can find in boats, but it would be to slipy. Then we got to the one that we are going to use now: lumber with stain. Having this decided, we needed to decide what sort of wood to use for the structure under the deck and for the deck itself. We decided to use Angelim for the structure and pressure treated pinus for the deck. We are going to use stain on the woods to protect it from the bugs and the sun.

Then, we needed to make another decision: there are around 10 different colors of stain that you can use on the wood to mimic the colors of other sorts of wood. After some minutes in the store we decided to go with the nut-brown.

With the stain bought it was time to paint the wood. We had extra hands to sand and paint the woods. This was another time that some person from our social media contact us to come and visit us and ended up helping us. This time was Sonya (from New York) and Juliano (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Sonya found us through our Instagram account (@oddlifecrafting) and asked to visit us. So, they helped us to sand and paint the beams and the joists for the deck.

We are really excited with the connections we are having through our social medias. It’s amazing how the world has got so small with the invention of the internet. On the same week as we had their visit we had an hangout with Neel from ModerBlox (a company that converts containers in Oklahoma, United States) for around 1 hour.

We always want to work with something that we could interact with people worldwide and we are glad that Living Tiny Project is giving us this opportunity. This project has been an amazing way of connecting with other people and the return we are having is bigger than we had imagined.