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Tiny Shipping Container House Deck - Living Tiny Project  Part 5 Episode 026

We have amazing great news!!! We finished the wooden deck!! It’s for real!!! We are in love with that!!

We have been working on the deck since January 23 2018 (since we cut the metals to create a support) and finally finished it in April 24 2018. To get the mission of finishing the wooden deck accomplished we used all sorts of saw we have: circular saw, table saw, electric fret saw, miter saw and so on.

Actually working with wood is not as simple as we had imagined. As least the pine we have in Brazil is a weak wood and it also works a lot, that means that the size and the shape of it can varies. As we have never worked with wood before we didn’t know what to do exactly. Some people say that we should have installed the wood without any paint and then paint. In this way the wood woul be still wet inside and it could dry on place and get to the correct format. But we were afraid of not painting one of the sides of the wood because with time the wood could get umid and bad. So, we decided to paint 2 coats of stain on every side of the woods, install it and then apply the third coat.

When we started installing the deck itself, the final layer of wood, ( March 21 2018) we thought it would be possible to install the whole decking of the east shipping container in one day, but actually we installed just 30% of this one in the first day. We took many days to finish installing the decking.

It was amazing to see the deck gaining format when we started installing the fascia boards and the soffits. When we finished installing the finishings we were in love. Duca didn’t want to go home, he just wanted to stay there staring at the roof.

We really like the final result and we are in love with the design.

It’s astonishing to see the result of something that you created since from scratch. We couldn’t be more proud of ourselves: we had the idea, got our hands dirty executing the idea and in the end we loved the result.


In the end we spent on the deck:

172 work days (1000 hours of work)

3150 screws

25 liters of stain

1.85m3 wood

4.8m2 metallic tape

5.4 liters of liquid asphalt

Total cost US$2860 (Roof + Gutter + Wooden Deck)