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Tools we use to convert the shipping container in our Tiny  House!! - Episode 015

In this episode talked about which tools we have been using to convert our shipping container into our Tiny Shipping Container House. For now we didn’t talk about the tools we use for woodworking, we have just talked about the ones we used for the metal parts. So, let’s talk about them.

This video was divided into sections:
Section 1: Cutting and grinding
Section 2: Drilling
Section 3: Measuring
Section 4: Safety
Section 5: Painting
Section 6: Welding

No, this was not a sponsored video, none of this brands are paying anything to us for this review their products. We purchase all this equipment because we like them and because we found good deals on it. If you would like to buy any of those equipments and at the same time support our channel few free to use one of the links below. Yes we will get a commission if you buy using one of the links but no you won't be charged extra for that, you will pay the same price you would regularly pay at amazon. This is what they call affiliated links and is a nice way to help finance our channel. Oh one more thing, we bought all this equipments in Brazil, so the model number might be different, but most of them are the same equipment or something similar. Thanks a lot.

Angle Grinder

Bench-top Abrasive Cut-Off Machine

Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Corded Hammer Drill

Laser Measure

Air Compressor

HPLV Spray Gun

180 Amp Multiprocess Welder

210 Amp Multiprocess Welder (the one I wanted)

Welding Automatic Helmut

Mig welding gloves

Ear Protection

Grinding Mask


Magnetic Square

Ajustable Square

Stainless Big Stell Square

Grip Plier

Mechanical Vise


Magnetic Level/Ruler

Stainless Steel Ruler

Camera Gear
Main Camera

Main Lens

Lens Adapter to use Canon Lens on Sony E-Mount Camera

Wide Angle Lens

Tele-photo Lens




Main Tripod

Little Tripod

Camera Boom Mic

Main Boom Mic

Audio Recorder

External Hard Drive

Drawing Tablet